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The Best Mixing & Mastering Tutorial for FL Studio

I'd like to try an experiment. After searching high and low for an educational, and more importantly easy-to-follow tutorial on mixing and mastering (for FL Studio), I've come empty-handed. I need the help of this community to put together the best mixing/mastering tutorial on the internet. Read more

Oct 20, 2012 | | |

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2 ways to sidechain in FL Studio

This tutorial will show you how to sidechain using FL Studio. Read more

The easiest way to explain sidechaning is to actually hear it, however if you require an explanation, it is basically used to "duck" certain sounds (bass-lines for example) in order to have other sounds more defined (kick for example). If you want to hear one of the best examples of sidechaning in action, just listen to some of the music by deadmau5. Read more

Jun 19, 2010 | | |